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Hassan Chougle - Qatar

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Successful on all counts, Hassan Chougule, the charismatic Chairman of Emad Group of companies in Doha, Qatar, is a virtuous leader who lives by the code of service to mankind. A man of vision, passion and drive, Br. Hassan is an exceptionally talented person whose philosophy on business takes on an all-encompassing role, where positive contributions to society at large are not just an afterthought, but a cornerstone.

Born on 1st January, 1951 in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, Br. Hassan Chougule graduated from the M.D. College, Parel in Mumbai. He started his career with Larsen & Toubro in 1974 and worked with them till 1978.

In search of opportunities, the young Hasan landed in Doha in 1978. After working for Mannai Group for a period of two years, Br. Hassan stepped out on his own to found Emad Electricals.  Within a very short period, due to his dynamic approach, foresightedness and managing skills, Emad Electricals grew to become a very reputed concern having the largest range in electrical line, representing well known brands of installation material used by the construction industry. The company has carved out a niche as a leader in the electrical market providing special items that are not carried by normal electrical suppliers. Emad Electricals is well known in the market because of their resources, fastest procuring services. With a range of over 4000 specialist products, they have anything and everything

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Br. Hassan Chougule’s love for Urdu has brought him a recognition as promoter of Urdu. During June 2008, the Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hederabad – India organized an Urdu International Conference at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, at which Doha was represented by Br. Hassan Chougule. He has even Presided over a session called “Urdu Education in Middle East Schools”. Speaking at the Sammelan about the positive role of literature in daily life, he said while work is love made visible, cultural orientations are nourishment for inner elevation.  Devoted to his ideals in life, Br. Hassan Chougule is a man of rare distinction.

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A man driven by passion for the well-being of the wider section of the community, Hasan Chougule, for his services rendered to the less fortunate in their hour of distress and continued assistance to many underprivileged members of the community in India as well as abroad, was awarded the “Indian Community Benevolent Fund” award for the year 2006, known as M. Kanjani Award and a most prestigious Human Rights Award by Qatar National Human Rights Committee, it is an ultimate honour for a community leader in the Middle East region.

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Br. Hassan is a Chairman of Anjuman Muhibaane Urdu – Hind, Qatar, an organization devoted to the propagation of Urdu language,  which conducts very suuccessful All India Mushairas on the occasion of Republic Day of India on yearly basis.  Recently in association with Indian Embassy in Qatar, he has established an Examination Centre of Mulana Azad Urdu University, Hyderabad, established by Gov. of India under Parliamentry Act. It will be only proper to pay tribute to Br. Hassan Chougle in the language which is close to his heart.

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Charitably disposed, Hasan Chougule’s philanthropic activities have been notable both in his personal capacity and as a head of various organizations. He has always come forward to mobilize community support for social and charitable causes especially during disasters and natural calamities that have affected fellow Indians whether at home in India or in Qatar.

Mr. Ranjan Mathai Indian Ambassador to Qatar has said, an outgoing and friendly person, Mr. Hassan has built a wide network of friends and supporters from all sections of the Indian community in Qatar.  He has lived up to his ideals of secularism, while maintaining a strong sense of tradition and deep personal faith.

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Br. Hassan believes that the greatest achievement of his life is not his materialistic possessions but his involvement in charity with the Ideal Foundation in Mumbai and the Indian Community Benevolent Fund (under the aegis of the Indian Embassy) in Qatar, responsible for bringing a smile to the needy and the distressed.                           

Br. Hassan’s keen interest in education has stirred him to start a new school DPS-MIS in Doha in association with five other Founder Members. He has been the President of the DPS - Modern Indian School since its inception, which is managed by India’s most prestigious educational institution, Delhi Public School Society – one of the fifty topmost brands of India and the only one in the field of education. He is proud of the fact that over 2600 students of the DPS Modern Indian School have achieved the highest academic marks in the country.

Hasan’s hobbies include reading; newspapers and peroidicals in particular are his favourite reading. Kokni language, spoken in his native district Ratnagiri is close to his heart. He has also established a Kokan Social Forum and Halqe Ahbabe Kokan in Qatar to keep the community united. Past Indian Ambassador to Qatar, Mr. R. L. Narayan has said, Mr. Hassan Chougule has a charismatic personality with a very friendly demeanor which makes him an instant friend of people belonging to any regional or religious groups Br. Hassan has provided excellent leadership to the community. His organizational capacities and basic goodness as a person have been instrumental in organizing help for the ever growing list of needy persons in the community. Br. Hassan Chougule’s dedicated and meritorious services to the community are indeed worth giving due recognition.

This biography has been extracted from "100 Global Indians".

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